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28922, Verbania (VB)

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Fracti Costruzioni  is a property company which designs and creates projects in the area of Piedmont around Lake Maggiore.
The firm’s specialises mainly in projects in areas of special interest in terms of either landscape or location. 
An on-going dialogue with our clients has enabled us to fine-tune the design and efficiency of the projects we create, constantly improving their quality and sustainability.  
The design process employed by the Fracti Costruzioni  is often highly innovative in terms of its technical solutions, with an emphasis on developing and re-employing traditional elements. 

Aims and strategies 

Fracti Costruzioni  is a property development company with many years’ experience in the field. The company began life in 1910 as a building concern (Actis Costruzioni), branching into real estate brokerage in 1946 (the Di Palo Agency) and finally establishing an independent property company (FRACTI Costruzioni – 1992).

The main fields in which Fracti Costruzioni  operates are:

-        Property development,

-        Construction & project management,

-        Hospitality,

-        Assisted living.​​


The end results achieved in these various fields depend on a large number of different factors, but the most important considerations for us are always intelligent planning and respect for the client.​

For this reason, a core element in Fracti Costruzioni in terms of both practical functioning and business development is its internal technical and planning structure. Right from the start of a project, it is concerned with the following areas:

-        Assessment of the site to be purchased on the basis of the information available, particularly in relation to the firm’s own activities;

-        Deciding the aims of the project, making full use of the expertise gained from long-term contact with clients; 

-        Defining the design and construction techniques on the basis of previous projects undertaken, and assessing the feasibility of using innovative technologies;

-        Managing the regular progress of the work, using partners of proven expertise and reliability;

-        Checking the delivery and quality of materials, always provided by certified suppliers; 

-        Learning from experience, and from the level of satisfaction expressed by our clients, who are always at the centre of our concerns and activities.


The main strategies governing the operations of Fracti Costruzioni  can be summarised as follows:

-        Promoting the client’s satisfaction by carefully defining the aspirations and needs of the client himself and of those close to him;

-        Paying careful attention to the quality, reliability, economy and durability of the construction work undertaken, by methodical use of feedback and evaluation of the results achieved; 

-        Assessing and using materials, finishes and construction techniques with a highly technical content, particularly designed to endure over time;  

-        Developing our own technologies, both in the construction and in the design fields.

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